In Venice

In Venice, an Enigmatic Conclusion:

After the 2017 “Murder on the Orient Express” and the 2022 “Death on the Nile,” Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot returns for another perplexing and tangled case. Here’s what you need to know about this eerie and baffling murder mystery.

A few years after the events on the Nile, retired detective Poirot (Kenneth Branagh), who now resides in Venice with his friends and renowned mystery writer Ariadne Oliver (Emma Laird) and Tina (Tina Fey), is reluctantly drawn back into his profession. Ariadne persuades him to attend a party hosted by opera singer Rowena Drake (Kelly Reilly) in the hope that he will be able to communicate with her deceased daughter Alicia, whose suspicious death troubles Ariadne as she searches for material for her next bestseller. The party is attended by several intriguing characters, including a troubled local doctor, Dr. Ferrier (Jemmy Dornan), her dedicated young son Leopold (Jude Hill), and of course, Rowena Drake herself, along with her loyal housekeeper Olga (Camille Cotin).

A Ghostly Explanation in Venice

The play begins with a world-famous but skeptical medium, Mrs. Reynolds (Michelle Yeoh), arriving with her assistants (Emma Laird and Ali Khan). The main suspect is Maxim (Kyle Allen), who had previously proposed to Alicia but left her for a wealthy woman. Mrs. Reynolds meets a gruesome end, pushed from a balcony. Meanwhile, an unknown assailant attempts to drown Poirot, but he escapes. Poirot is back in his element and has sealed the house to begin his investigation. There are several mysteries to unravel – who invited Maxim? Who killed Alicia? Who attacked Poirot? Is Ariadne behind it all? Who is the killer?

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Who is the Killer?

Later, it is revealed that Eridané was behind Maxim’s presence at the party; she invited him to watch the séance. Who is the killer? It turns out Rowena Drake is responsible for the deaths. Poirot discovers that she poisoned Alicia with rhododendron flowers, which create hallucinations as bees feed on them, causing Alicia to be delusional but not insane. Her mother did this to keep her controlled. When Rowena realizes that Poirot has uncovered the truth, she attempts to flee but is pushed off the balcony by Alicia’s ghost.

Why Did Rowena Drake Kill Her Daughter?

She couldn’t be left alone. So, she drugged Alicia with mad honey, and Maxim had been kept away from her. Was this Alicia’s ghost or Poirot hallucinating? Poirot had also inadvertently ingested mad honey because Eridané had put it in his tea without knowing its toxic nature, and now he, too, experiences hallucinations. When the crime is solved, Rowena tries to escape but is pushed off the balcony by Alicia’s ghost.

Who Killed Leslie Ferrier?

Rowena believed that Leslie Ferrier, Alicia’s doctor, was blackmailing her for money, and she knew the truth. So, she lured her into the music room and told her that if she didn’t kill herself, she would kill her son. After her death, Rowena found out that Leslie wasn’t blackmailing her. It was her son, Leopold, who needed the money to survive after his father’s PTSD diagnosis.

The End of “A Hunting in Venice”: What’s Next on the Cards?

After resolving the case, Poirot returns to his home. This time, he doesn’t leave the case closed, as a stranger comes in and asks for his help in solving his family’s murder. It seems a sequel is in the making.

This chilling murder mystery in Venice keeps you guessing till the very end with its intricate plot and unexpected twists.

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